crewMJK Homes is a Limited Company. Our Managing Director/Founder John Kenny has over 25 years experience in the Construction Trade.
His knowledge of the Construction Industry is comprehensive and wide ranging.

John oversees all aspects of every project which our Company undertakes this ensuring all projects are of a high standard, within budget and delivered on time.

As a main Contractor we have a broad portfolio of Construction projects across the public and private Sector.

MJK Homes have carried out numerous School projects in “live” situations where we are both extending and renovating – so consequentially our approach to Health and Safety is of the utmost importance.

Our private houses have been consistently reaching passive levels of air tightness and efficiency.

Our key personnel are in full time employment with us, we have an exceptional approach of quality and standard.

MJK Homes have our own ‘CPD’ in house, where all staff are constantly being trained in up to date technologies, materials and methods.