In the area of Commercial Property, it is important to recognise that the Client has a requirement to procure and complete a building project within a defined and usually limited timeframe – they cannot earn money until their premises are complete.

MJK Homes bring a unique set of talents to the project, in that they have in excess of 25 years experience both in Ireland and UK in delivering such project types.

Each project is still supervised and managed by John Kenny ensuring Client relationship is maintained right through from initial meeting to completion. The benefits of this approach are magnified, on site, by ensuring that the focus of the project is directed to completion, on time, to the Clients requirements.

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Also, in the Commercial Property sector, where many Clients may have restricted knowledge of statutory requirements in respect of Planning and Building Regulations, MJK Homes have an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of construction and can guide and assist Clients through this complex maze and where necessary bring Architects, Engineers and Q.S’s on board the project – should it be required.

And also of great importance and rarely recognised is the fact that most Commercial premises usually end up as ” public usage ” so the need to construct and finish the project, in line with all health and safety regulations is imperative and is controlled from commencement to hand-over.

Many Commercial Property owners and / or Landlords are also unaware of the revisions to Building Regulations, and in particular Part K and Part L and quite often find that they have either a non compliant building or a building they find difficult to let. We offer complete, practical solutions to bring this type of building stock up to current standards, ensuring maximum letting ability and income generation.

Remember, an incomplete, non compliant Commercial Premises is not capable of generating income.