Most Educational projects are quite unique, in that they bring together a complex set of characters from Department of Education [ Planning, Architectural, Financial, and Compliance ], Architects, Engineers, Service Engineers, Principals, Boards of Management and, quite often, other community groups.

Someplace, at the end of this meandering chain, comes the Building Contractor, whose role is to try and merge together the requirements of all of the above and complete a project, usually to a very limited budget, on an incredibly restricted site, within an impossible timeframe and surrounded by hordes of children !!

We, at MJK Ltd, have successfully completed dozens of School projects over the years, so we take immense pride in our competence and ability to mange all of the above people and situations.

We understand the need, AT ALL TIMES, for safety, whilst working in close vicinity to a busy school environment.

We understand the need of the Principal [ who has become Project Manager ] and work very closely with them, on all school projects.

We have worked extensively with various Departments, over the years and are fully compliant with all of the requirements in respect of Pre Qualification, Tax Compliance, Financial Security, Safety, Quality and Building Project Management.

We offer, clear, unambiguous advice to Architects and Principals, in respect of good practical solutions which will withstand the every day wear and tear a school  building suffers.

We constantly undertake school projects that are completed, within the allocated programme and within budgets.

Some of Our Educational Projects