For the typical home purchaser or home owner, most will be entering the world of house building with little previous experience and possibly all of the ” horror” stories of builders – who are often portrayed as the ” bad guys ”

At MJK Homes Ltd our approach is refreshingly unique and simple – every aspect of the project is discussed, in detail, with the Client – from planning, designing, compliance, commencement and completion.

Some of Our Residential Projects

Each query is dealt with, no matter how strange, as it is important to us that the Client is fully versed and clear on all matters in relation to their build. In our experience, most issues relating to house building relate to poor communication and lack of understanding, so we aim to clarify this, right from the start.

MJK Homes have been fortunate enough to work with many, many long standing, professional and award winning Architects, in the past and our role quite often involves MJK Homes Ltd, essentially being the ” middle man ” to translate the Architects creation into a practical, economical dwelling for our Client.

We fully understand the importance of budget and limits and we always find that, working closely with a Client, from the beginning, greatly assists in tight budget and cost controls. We take pride in completing works for a Client, within their given budget.

All of our projects quotations are fully itemised and discussed, in detail, prior to commencement and all aspects of costs are fully clarified. We are conscious that many Clients will have specific wishes for certain window types, or heating systems and along with internal finishing like stairs, kitchens, sanitary ware, tiling and timber floors we can discuss the particular requirements and include, from the start, to give a clear budget parameter.

As C.I.R.I. Registered Building Contractors, we can act from initial point of contact to completion to guide Clients through the REVISED Building Regulations, acting as Assigned Certifier, if required.

We have a special knowledge and keen interest in energy efficiency and whether this relates to design, solar gain, insulation, air tightness and energy sources, we can provide sound, practical advise and implementation of these building elements.

We understand fully that most Clients are signing up for 20 year plus Mortgage so it is of critical importance that your build will last, both in terms of quality and performance, for the lifetime of your Mortgage.

Also, in terms of quality as all of our staff, either full time or subcontracted, have worked with us for the past 20 years, we can ensure a dedicated team approach to build quality and finish.